Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes a Food Co-op Different?


A food co-op is different from a regular grocery store in its reinvestment of profit back into the community and mission to promote the health and viability of the local economy.

The average food co-op:

  • sources 80% of their stock from local farms and purveyors
  • pays above average wage
  • promotes sustainability measures for a greener planet – like recycling, composting, and reduced waste
  • donates 13% of profits to charity

What is a co-op?


According to the Food Cooperative Initiative - Guide to Starting a Food Co-op, a cooperative is a business voluntarily owned and controlled by the people who use it - its owners. It is operated primarily for the benefit of its owners to meet their mutual needs.

Is it open yet?


No - we do not have a physical location at this time. We are in still in the Organizing Stage. Once we hit a certain level of ownership buy-in and equity in the bank we can decide on a physical location. With that, we are always keeping our eyes peeled for the perfect location to come available.

Why would I buy a membership to a co-op that isn’t even open yet?


A cooperative is a community initiative. We need to have 50% ownership be in the community. This way, one large corporation or bank cannot call all of the shots. Each owner gets one vote and there is equality; the member community at-large is responsible for our store. We need the support of the community to raise equity and work our way toward opening our doors. Without the cooperation of the community, there is no store. Helps us reach our goals and take back control of our food system!

Where is it going to be?


The goal is to keep the Co-op in the borough of Kennett to allow accessibility and walkability for our community.

Do you have to be an owner to shop there?


The store will be open to all shoppers, no need to be an owner to shop at the store. However, owners will have benefits that the standard consumer does not.

Where will you buy the products you’ll be selling?


We are aiming for at least 80% of the products to be from local producers. We will also have staples and items requested by the owners and the board of directors.

Is this the Kennett Food Cupboard? OR Is this one of those CSAs where I pick up a share of vegetables every week?


We love the Kennett Food Cupboard and encourage anyone to sign up for a CSA, but the Co-op is neither. That being said, we are forming relationships with the community and intend to have partnership with local farms and the KFC. In the future, we may be a pick up point for a local CSA or partner with KFC for special projects, but we are not affiliated with either for now.

Will it be all organic?


The quick answer here is no, we are not planning on being ALL organic. However, the ultimate decision on this is up to the owners. If the board finds a strong desire to be an all organic store, the owners votes and the majority rules on all converting to only organic items, then this could happen. Ultimately, the store is controlled by the owners so the best way to influence what is on the shelves is to become a Member-Owner!

How can I become an owner? How much is the ownership fee? Is it an annual fee?


This one is easy! Simply fill out the membership application (link here) and submit a ONE TIME payment of $300/household. No really, it is only a one-time fee per family. There is no annual fee.

*Please note, per the needs of the cooperative and as we grow, there may be increases in the fee over the life of your membership.

Do you have a payment plan available?


Yes - you can pay in monthly installments over the course of one year.

You IMMEDIATELY have the benefits of an owner as long as you are up-to-date on your monthly installments. After THREE PAYMENTS you will have voting rights in the Co-op.

What are the benefits to me as a member/owner?


This is still to be determined, some potential benefits include:

  • Voting rights
  • Opportunity to be on the board of directors
  • Special owner discount days at the store
  • Daily Discounts
  • Dividends
  • Owner-only events/classes

What are some benefits you would like to see as an owner?

Can I be a producer/retailer?


We are pretty far off from this stage right now, but if you are a local producer and would like to talk about becoming a retailer at our store, please contact us for more information. Also, even before we open, we’d love to have your voice in the project as we move forward